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Author: Ranleigh Delport for Ennerdale Rugby Football Club
Issue 12 - 19 August 2008






Greetings to All


The Ennerdale community, starved of good news recently, has reason to be proud again. The best kept secret in Ennerdale is now no longer a secret as the rest of Gauteng will now take notice of the area.


The Ennerdale Rugby Football Club has achieved a feat that is worthy of our attention and support. From humble beginnings in 2006 this Club has been forging ahead without much attention being paid to it by us, the residents and the rest of the rugby community of Gauteng.


In 2007, the Club played their first season of competitive rugby under the auspices of the Golden Lions Rugby Union and finished stone last in their league. This would have sunk lesser mortals into throwing in the towel, but not these blokes… it only served to strengthen their resolve and ensure that the Club will continue long into the future and be successful.


In the newly formed Ingonyama League of the Golden Lions, both the under 19 and senior teams won their respective leagues. The magnitude of this achievement cannot be underestimated as very few Clubs can boast winning all the trophies in one league in the same season. The historical significance of this feat is that no matter who wins the league in the future, the first winners will always be remembered. In rugby circles it would make for a popular quiz question.


The under 19 team were scheduled to meet Jabulani Rugby Club from Soweto. Unfortunately for our boys, the Soweto team did not turn up on time to contest the match. This failure by Jabulani meant that Ennerdale won the trophy by default. It was a severe anti-climax as one would have loved to see these youngsters put their undefeated record on the line in the final. Sadly it was not to be. Nonetheless, our under 19 team concluded their season undefeated and can now be referred to as the “undefeated, undisputed, reigning and defending champions”. Good job, lads!


The senior final was a classical humdinger and a nail biting affair. Kagiso Sting took a 12-0 lead early in the first half and for all money looked likely to win the match. The Ennerdale “Phantoms” fought back via tries by Andre “Bakkie” Le Roux, and Zane “Thunder” Tumber. Raymond “Razor” Mosime converted the try to tie the scores at 12 – 12 at halftime. Early in the second half Kagiso Sting scored two quick tries while the Phantoms were concerned about an injury to a team mate. The lead was now 22-12 to Kagiso. A few second half substitutions saw a change in the fortunes of Ennerdale as they started to dominate the forward exchanges and get more ball possession which was converted into pressure on Kagiso Sting. Bestall “Madala” Mondo created two beautiful movements which resulted in tries for Rudwaan “Jingles” Amod and a second try for Zane Tumber. Raymond converted Rowan’s try to bring the scores to 22 – 19 in favour of the Sting. But, in true phantom fashion, Ennerdale came back to score the winning try, again created by “Mandela”. The final score was 24 – 22 to Ennerdale Phantoms, who took the “Sting” out of Kagiso for 2008.


Though these guys are mentioned for scoring the tries, we need to bear in mind that it was a team effort led by the captain, Ricardo Mentoor. Brandon “Beer” Booysens played a truly inspired match and was responsible for “stealing” many balls off the Kagiso forwards.


The under19 team was represented by the following players during the course of the season:


Romano Gallon[c], Rian Ferndale, Christopher Ferndale, Theodore Drift, Shawn Mokonyama, Bevan Smith, Gavin Van Zyl, Elvarno Oktober, Leroy Booysens, Sebetso Montsi, Lebohang, Makhubu, Patrick Noda, Brandon Johnson, Thulani Poni, Jonas Tooane, Vincenzo Ryan, Monahane Dhlamini, Kyle Swartz, Lewel Sinclair, Lu’zchaine Delport, Marcello Pienaar, Reginald Nqwelo, Myron Swartz & Milan


The following players did duty for the Phantoms seniors:


Melusi “ Pascal” Sithole, Lesley “Chronic” King, Ricardo “ Kido” Mentoor [c], Paseka “Hummer” Phakati, Raymond Mosime, Rodney Rankou, Andre Le Roux, Brandon Booysens, Emile “ Miagi” Bennett, Clement Sifume, Shaun Jantjies, Fahgrie Poole, Nhlanhla Maseko, Rudwaan Amod, Lebo Thabane, Solomon Tshabalala, David Mokoena, Albert Motheto, Bestall Mondo, Aubrey Ma’a Nonu” Malapile, Zane Tumber, Sizwe Twala.


The following players did not play due to injury: Lefa Lamoen, Happy Tshabalala & Lee Hollenbach.


The following players also played for the Club at certain stages during the year but lost interest and fell away: Steven Hollenbach, Jason Hollenbach. Kyle Pietersen, Henry Nyida, Grimek Van Kramberg & Brandon Hollenbach.


The following non-playing members that were responsible for the hard work behind the scenes include amongst other: Keith Norman & Ranleigh Delport.


Of all the Clubs in the league, Ennerdale was the most blessed on the supporter’s front. We have built a loyal supporters base that supported us whenever we played, be it home or away. The management and players would like to extend a word of sincerest gratitude to all the mums, dads, grannys, aunts, girlfriends and spouses who stood by us through thick and thin. You are truly the best fans a Club can wish for. If for some reason you have missed all the fun, you can still be part of this exciting opportunity.


We are in the process of starting a “Supporters Club” which will arrange many fun fundraising events for players and supporters alike. One of the best deals on offer is to be able to watch the Lions play at Coca-Cola Park – at a discount nogal!



The next challenge for our all conquering heroes is the GAURugby Challenge where they will compete against the champion teams from the Blue Bulls & Valke. In preparation for this challenge, the Club will be hosting a number of friendly matches in Ennerdale. Please come and watch your champions at play.


On the home front he Club is still facing the challenge of getting our junior section up and running. The invitation to players aged between the ages

of 9 – 18 to join them at the extension 9 stadium for training on Tuesdays – Fridays, is still standing. We would dearly love to have at least one team per age group representing Ennerdale.


Ennerdalians are advised to contact the Club on any of the following numbers: Bestall 0733667368, Rudwaan 0829578426, Keith 0731776679, Ranleigh 0794975251 or Perry 0829540714.


Those amongst us with access to e-mail and the internet can visit or drop us an e-mail on and we will register you on our database. Registered members receive an electronic newsletter with all the latest news about happenings in and around the Club.

Quotes for the day! - I feel generous so enjoy a few

"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), Inaugural Address, January 20, 1953

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GOD Bless You


Ranleigh. C.G. Delport,
079 497 5251

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