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ARTICLE TITLE: What about teenage pregnancy 03/13/09, 10:02 AM
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Teenage pregnancy is increasing rapidly these years at a pace of about 90% than ten years ago. This means the population is multiplying as days goes by.

What really cause teenage pregnancy? Teeenage pregnancy is usually caused by the lack of education in sex and relationships. People are afraid to talk about such things to others. In other cases people don't know how to use contraceptives such as condoms, pills and loops. Some people even ignore them totaly.

Parents don't talk to their children about pregnancy and other aspects such as HIV/AIDS. They don't subject teenagers to any difficult challenge. They don't equip them with the realities of adult life and they are likely to overprotect them. Sometimes parents end up with awful relationships with their children if something happens but, it's the parents that must be blamed for this.

Peer pressure, alcohol abuse, lonelyness and lack of belonging are some of the other contributing factors to teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy has severe effects on our countries' cultures, economies and affect people socially. In beliefs and traditions, long time ago, teenagers were not allowed to get pregnant before they get married (usually in countries of southern Africa). They were penalised by paying heavy fines or sometimes were even burnt with fire. But nowadays, the cultures have loose value and people don't care and are not even bothered by this.

As many teenagers get pregnant, they drop out of school in which most of them don't get a chance to go back again. This means that in the future the government need to import foreign experts as the country doesn't have qualified citizens. From time to time the government give food, clothing and pay school fees to the children born by teenagers and this doesn't give allocation of money to other sectors such as infranstructures.

For solutions, parents must talk to their chilldren about relationships and pregnancy more openly so the children will be more aware of everything that  may happen when being involved in relationships. The elders mus talk to tenagers about cultures and traditions and let them respect them. The government must put up restrictions( a law that say any teenager who gets pregnant but can't support the baby must go to jail) and penalize those who go otside this law.   

We must all stand up and help diminish this issue.


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